Welcome to Jennifer Garner Fans at jen-garner.com, one of your longest and leading sources dedicated to American actress, Jennifer Garner. Jen is best known for her role as Sydney Bristow on past TV Series Alias but you may also recognise her from 13 Going On 30, Dallas Buyers Club, Daredevil and Juno. Jennifer Garner Fans is proudly "Stalkerazzi Free," therefore we do not post any photos which violate Jen's personal privacy.
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Jennifer Garner Fans (Jen Fans – One of A Kind!) was started by Biba in October 18 2005. Biba has run the site for 6 years before she gave the site up to Jasmine and Mel. We adopted the site on February 10 2011 and merged our new site, Jen Garner Online onto the site. Current domains for the site are Jen-Fans.com, Jen-Garner.com & Jen-Garner.org.

Jennifer Garner Fans is a non profit site which has absolutely no connection, or claims to have a connection to Jennifer Garner, her management, her family or her friends. We are simply a fansite that brings news, information and photos to her fans. At no time do we claim to own the rights to any photos or media posted, and no infringement is intended on our part in posting them as they are posted for Educational and Research use under the Fair Use copyright law s107. Any graphics and other original content is expressly copyrighted to Jennifer Garner Fans and cannot be re-distributed, sold or claimed as your own unless written permission is given from the sites owner. If you feel like something is infringing and you are the rightful owner of the material, please contact us via email following correct DMCA protocol and we will remove the infringing material immediately.

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Candid Policy

As of 2012, we decided that in order to respect Jennifer and the family’s privacy, we will have some limitations with the candids. The site will be sort of “paparazzi free”. We know our visitors & fans in general love candids of Jen and the family. We will continue adding candids but we will have limitations to how many pics are added. There will be only around 50-100 pics per “candid event”. We will only add more if the pics are really different. No candids of when Jen or anyone mad in the pictures will be added. Also no “funeral” or sad event pics will be added.

Also no gossip/tabloid news will be added onto the site especially ones that disrespect Jen and her family!